5 Must-Have Alfa Romeo Accessories

July 1st, 2020 by

Over 100 years ago, in Milan Italy, Alfa Romeo was born. Its badge continues to represent a passion for motoring today. Alfa Romeo is unique and true to itself. And thanks to standout factory-made accessories and modifications, you can add a touch that’s all your own. With the driver at the center of the automaker’s groundbreaking designs and precision engineering, it’s just another way to personalize your dream car and captivate crowds of autophiles.

There’s no reason to add a non-factory modification to your new Alfa Romeo. By adding brand-made accessories and enhancements, you won’t have to worry about any quality concerns or subsequent depreciation. The brand has an expansive portfolio of original and Alfa Romeo-approved enhancements and accessories for you to consider. 

These are five must-have OEM accessories for Alfa Romeo’s Stelvio and Giulia models.

1. Sleek, Stylish Carbon Fiber Accents

The beautiful woven metallic look of carbon fiber is unmistakable beautiful. Alfa Romeo has produced a range of Carbon Fiber enhancements to further set your vehicle apart. Add any of these accessories to your Giulia or Stelvio and let the head-turning begin. 


  • Shifters – Level up your shifter with a carbon fiber bezel
  • Exterior Mirror Covers – Add a new level of sleekness to your side mirrors
  • Front Grille with Carbon Fiber Insert – Give your grille an even sportier, more aggressive appearance by adding an eye-catching carbon fiber insert.
  • Carbon Fiber Door Sill Guards (Giulia only) – Give your Giulia a pop of carbon fiber–and a flash of elegant light—with illuminated door sill guards, featuring the Alfa Romeo script.

2. Touches of Polished Aluminum

Polished metals give off a sporty, yet refined look. From gas caps to pedals, there are a few ways to add some metallic flair to your new Alfa Romeo. The brand has released two aluminum enhancements for the Giulia and Stelvio models. 

  • Sport Pedals Kit – Put these bold, aluminum metal pedals to the metal. The kit comes with one aluminum brake pedal and one accelerator pedal. 
  • Fuel Cap – Open your fuel door to reveal an elegant, polished aluminum cap featuring the classic Alfa Romeo logo.

3. Custom Wheels and Center Caps

Do you want to go bigger and bolder? Stelvio owners may wish to upgrade to larger rims. Both Giulia and Stelvio owners can add black and white wheel center caps for a more muted, yet aggressive appearance. 

  • 20-inch alloy wheels (Stelvio only) These black wheels use silver accents to accentuate a star design. The rims look equally captivating on the move as they do on the move.
  • Wheel Center Caps Kit – Black and white center caps add greater contrast between the exterior color and the wheels. Subtle and striking, the caps 
  • Branded Valve Caps Add another dimension of beauty to your wheels with Alfa Romeo branded valve caps—one for each wheel.

4. Brilliant Lights, Beautiful Covers, and Sturdy Racks

Whether you want your car to stand out or stay undercover, Alfa Romeo has the accessories you need. From projector lights to roof racks, we’ve got you covered.

  • Roof Bar Kit – Are you ready for action? The easy-to-install roof kit holds up to 110 pounds, making it easy to haul around skis, bikes, kayaks, and more.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Covers – Whether inside or out, Alfa Romeo has a cover for you. These branded black and red covers will keep your paint in impeccable condition, rain or shine—through dust and grime.
  • Door Projector Lights – How’s the wow factor on your new Alfa Romeo? It’s about to move up a notch. Install Door projector lights, which project white Alfa Romeo script onto the ground every time you open your door at night.

5.  Functional Accessories and Floor Protection

Through spills and thrills, it’s best to stay prepared and protected while driving your Alfa Romeo. And it doesn’t hurt to carry around useful and beautiful items that bear that famed Alfa Romeo badge.

  • Battery charger – Never go without a charge. The Alfa Romeo charger works for all types of 12-volt lead-acid batteries.
  • Car Care Kit – Keep things impeccably clean with sponges, towels, brushes, cleaning products, all packed inside a black Alfa Romeo-branded bag.
  • License Plate Frames Drive with pride and add a unique touch with Alfa Romeo License plate frames. Available in black and stainless steel chrome. 
  • Cargo Trays and All-Weather Floor Mats – Don’t settle for generic all-weather accessories. Get branded Alfa Romeo protective floor mats for your car. Both products feature Alfa Romeo script and help preserve the car’s interior beauty.

For more info, download our accessory brochures online. To find the best Italian sportscars in San Diego, check out our inventory today.

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