7 Must-Have Features for Your Next Sports Car

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Driving an Alfa Romeo signifies many things: great taste, a passion for the open road, an appreciation for elegant design, and much more. It may be a popular brand, but there’s nothing common about it. You can rest easy knowing that Alfa Romeo offers a variety of unique factory-made accessories and modifications to gussy up your new sports car. With these options, there is no need to modify your new Alfa Romeo with non-factory accessories and enhancements. This will help you avoid the subsequent depreciation.

All accessories, packages, and customizable features are designed around the driver. The precision engineering of Alfa Romeo OEM accessories allows you to take command of your dream car and shape it to your desires.

Here are seven options available with the purchase of your new Alfa Romeo sports car.


Custom Sport Packages

There are packages tailored to meet the needs of every kind of Alfa Romeo driver.

  • Sports Carbon Package – Boost your aesthetics with aluminum and carbon fiber detailing.
  • Nero Edizione Package – Get blacked-out trim, badging, and components on your Stelvio. 20-inch Miron Black Sport aluminum wheels are the star of this package.
  • Cold Weather Package – Warm yourself with heated seats, steering wheel, and washer nozzles. 
  • Security and Convenience Package – Feel safe with a premium alarm system, cargo nets, and tie-down loops, and load/unload your groceries with ease with grocery bag hooks.


Silky Smooth Carbon Fiber Accents

The tapestry of gorgeous metallic threads that create the carbon fiber look will make heads turn, stop, and stare. Alfa Romeo has a wide range of Carbon Fiber enhancements to set your vehicle further apart. Add any of these accessories to your Giulia or Stelvio and watch the envy grow wherever you go.

  • Shifters – Enhance your shifter with a carbon fiber bezel.
  • Exterior Mirror Covers – Jazz up your side mirrors with carbon fiber exteriors.
  • Front Grille with Carbon Fiber Insert – Make your grille fierce and give it some flavor by adding a gawk worthy carbon fiber insert.
  • Carbon Fiber Doorsill Guards (Giulia only) – Give your Giulia a splash of carbon fiber with illuminated door sill guards featuring the Alfa Romeo script.


Polished Aluminum

Catch people’s eyes with the refined look of polished metal.

  • Sport Pedals Kit – Let your feet feel the power of aluminum metal pedals and then put those pedals to the metal. The kit features one aluminum brake pedal and one accelerator pedal. 
  • Fuel Cap – Release the hatch on your fuel door to unveil a polished aluminum gas cap with the classic Alfa Romeo logo.
  • Trailer Tow Hitch – Haul whatever you need with this add-on.


Custom Wheels and Center Caps

Make a statement. Stelvio owners can go big with 20-inch alloy wheels. All Alfa Romeo owners can get black and white wheel center caps to add some oomph to the look.

  • 20-inch Alloy Wheels (Stelvio only) These black wheels use silver accents to accentuate a star design. The rims look equally captivating on the move as they do on the move.
  • Wheel Center Caps Kit – Subtle and striking black and white center caps add higher contrast between the exterior color and the wheels. 
  • Branded Valve Caps – Add another dimension of beauty to your wheels with Alfa Romeo branded valve caps—one for each wheel.



Lights, Covers, and Racks

Keep your car protected with covers and lights or turn it into your personal logistics system with a roof rack.

  • Roof Bar Kit – Grab your bikes, skis, kayaks, and canoes. The easy-to-install roof kit holds up to 110 pounds, making it easy to transport your favorite hobbies.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Covers – These branded black and red covers will keep your paint in impeccable condition, rain or shine—through dust and grime.
  • Door Projector Lights – These lights project white Alfa Romeo script onto the ground whenever you open your door at night.


Functional Accessories

Keep your interior looking fresh and enjoy the amenities of a modern world.

  • Battery charger – Never go without a charge.
  • Car Care Kit – This kit keeps your car looking immaculate with sponges, towels, brushes, cleaning products, all packed inside a black Alfa Romeo-branded bag.
  • License Plate Frames – Available in black and stainless steel chrome. 
  • Cargo Trays and All-Weather Floor Mats – Get branded Alfa Romeo protective floor mats for your car. Both products feature the Alfa Romeo script and help preserve the car’s interior beauty.



The innovative technology in Alfa Romeo’s vehicles perfectly merges hands-on and automated driving. Alfa Romeo uses this technology to enhance safety while never hindering the pleasure of driving. 

  • 8.8 Inch Touchscreen: This screen will coordinate Apple’s car play and features Android auto integration.
  • Safety First: Alfa Romeo’s fleet comes with traffic sign recognition, active cruise control, and lane-keeping assistance. 


To learn more about Alfa Romeo’s must-have features for your next sports car, check out our inventory today.


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